How Loneliness and Isolation Affect Our Health

Naturally, everyone feels lonely at one time or another. It may seem harmless, but loneliness and isolation are part of a fast-growing epidemic in this country. At any one time, 60 million Americans report feeling alone. It’s an invisible discomfort that can lead to physical disease. New research suggests that social isolation creates so much stress and strain that it might be a bigger threat to your health than obesity. … More How Loneliness and Isolation Affect Our Health

Using Stress Reduction To Avoid Disease

The degree to which a patient’s nervous system is balanced and well-functioning – or not – is the degree to which they are healthy and able to function at maximum capacity in the world. This illuminates how a whole health coach can guide their patients in using stress reduction to avoid, or reduce the symptoms of, chronic disease. … More Using Stress Reduction To Avoid Disease

What’s Keeping Veterans From Seeking The Mental Health Care They Need?

Too many veterans today have unaddressed mental health issues; according to studies, almost a third of all service-persons who have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan have from a mental health condition. Left untreated, these illnesses could lead to violence, addiction, and suicide; statistics show that veterans are more than twice as likely to die by suicide compared … More What’s Keeping Veterans From Seeking The Mental Health Care They Need?

The Science of How What We Believe Becomes Our Reality – Part One

Ten years ago, Newsweek ran an article by Howard Brody, MD, PhD, author of “The Placebo Response: How You can Release Your Body’s Inner Pharmacy for Better Health.” He begins the article by telling a story of a patient who experiences “a medical miracle”. She was undergoing experimental brain surgery for her Parkinson’s disease. She … More The Science of How What We Believe Becomes Our Reality – Part One

Becoming You – Developing Self-Esteem

The Merriam Webster definition of self esteem is “a confidence and satisfaction in oneself; self respect.” Self-esteem and self-respect are two important aspects of whole person care at any age. During the years of adolescence, however, personal and social differentiation is at an all time high, with peers playing a significant role in how our self-esteem expresses itself. As you are probably very well aware, your self-esteem is especially a front and center issue from middle school through high school. … More Becoming You – Developing Self-Esteem

Dylan Brody- Comedy

Have you ever wondered WHO are the genius writers behind the dialogue you hear on late night TV, the laugh out loud humor that would come out of mouth of Jay Leno’s on the Tonight Show? My guest today is not only one of THOSE writers but a recognized humorist, author, storyteller and award winning playwright who won the Stanley Drama award for his play “Mother, May I?” He has written for dozens of comedy celebrities and enjoys celebrity himself as a literal entrepreneur humorist and storyteller.  His recent one-woman musical, Singing in the Wrong Direction played to sold out crowds in the NoHo Arts district late in 2016. … More Dylan Brody- Comedy

Mitch Horowitz – Commentator and Journalist

Mitch Horowitz is a writer-in-residence at the New York Public Library and the PEN Award-winning author of books including Occult America; One Simple Idea; Mind as Builder; and the forthcoming The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality. Mitch has written on everything from the war on witches to the secret life of Ronald Reagan for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Salon,, and Politico. … More Mitch Horowitz – Commentator and Journalist

Mark Nepo – Poet and Philosopher – Friend of Oprah

Mark Nepo, is an international bestselling author, lecturer and teacher. He has published twenty books and fourteen audio projects.  In 2015, he was given a Life-Achievement Award by Age Nation.  In 2016, he was named by Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine as one of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People. Mark was also chosen as one of Oprah Winfrey Network’s SuperSoul 100, a group of inspired leaders using their gifts and voices to elevate humanity.  In 2017, he became a regular columnist for Spirituality & Health Magazine. … More Mark Nepo – Poet and Philosopher – Friend of Oprah

Tony Selimi – Celebrity Mentor from the UK

It can be said that my guest today has experienced a beautiful, terrible life. Born in a communist country, he experienced and witnessed political and social repression, inequity and abuse. He took part in a civil war before he was miraculously and unexpectedly sent to England. The story of his path from homelessness, living for 6 months on the streets of London, to educating himself and building a 20-year career in business and technology leadership, reads like a bestselling novel. … More Tony Selimi – Celebrity Mentor from the UK