Featuring: Conor MacCormack

ConorMacCormackConor MacCormack is a millennial generation writer, spiritual researcher, and ordained minister. His writings have been featured on the Harv Bishop blog, a leading forum for New Thought/New Age spirituality and are highlighted in the essay collection New Thought (R)evolution: A Powerful Vision for the Future. He is a member of S.O.U.L. (Seekers of Universal Light) – a spiritual outreach to facilitate individual and collective healing in body, mind, and soul. SOUL was founded by Joe Cetrone, noted author and paranormal researcher.

Conor is also co-host of S.O.U.L.’s forthcoming web series Accents of Emotionwhich will explore a diverse array of topics ranging from addiction to the power of prayer. He lives in Rhode Island with his wife and infant son. You can find his writings on Medium.com.  In addition, he currently serves as Program Services Director for the National Institute of Whole Health.