Featuring: David Burnett

David Burnett, is a Special Ops Veteran and the author of Making A Night Stalker. The book provides the reader a glimpse of the unique world of the 160th Special Operations Aviation regiment. David’s journey starts in a conventional Army unit from where he pursues his dream of becoming an MH-47G Chinook helicopter crew chief, in the most secretive and elite aviation unit in the world.

After almost a year in training he is deployed with 160th, and it is nothing short of intense. His new unit’s mission is exactly what he hoped for. He continues to hone his craft over the next four years. After five deployments with the unit as a crew chief, he is discharged from the military and begins a journey into deep depression. Alcohol becomes the most important thing in his life, and David finds himself on a new and reckless battlefield against an enemy he never saw coming.

Making A Night Stalker has been reviewed and approved by the Pentagon.