Featuring: David Languedoc

David Londoc photo0180803_113118cpMy guest today is David Languedoc, a Wellness Consultant, Foster Parent, Motivational Speaker and author of the book Incorrigible – which tells his story of becoming an orphan at age 3 and the incredible journey it brought him through.

Born on the Saugeen First Nation reservation in Ontario, Canada, David was orphaned when he lost both his mother and father by the age of three and spent the next few years in foster care and an orphanage until he was adopted into a loving family.

However, loss did not stop there, as David’s adopted father, who he grew to trust and love, also passed away. His book, Incorrigible is titled after what the health professionals that worked with David termed him. A licensed social worker, today he works within the field of health and addiction counseling helping others in their journey through trauma and addiction.


by David Alfie Languedoc

Contact: LinkedIn/david-languedoc