Featuring: Dr. Allen David Young

david allen youngMy guest is Dr. Allen David Young, who is a deep thinker and scientific, pragmatic individual with 5 degrees in areas of studies that include math, management science, education and consciousness studies. He was a university professor at U Cal Berkley, and Dean at California State University East Bay, for 10 years before his life’s path took him in a different direction after he spent six years immersed in the study of Jungian Psychology, dream work, and clairvoyant development training. Today, he is a New Thought minister, teacher of intuitive training for over 500 clients internationally and an Intuitive Counselor in private practice.

Allen is also the author of several books that educate and encourage readers to understand how they can identify their purpose in life through the use of their own spiritual intuition. His latest book is Trinities to Enneagrams: Finding Your Identifies and Life Stages.


Trinities to Enneagrams:
Finding Your Identities and Life Stages
by Allen David Young

511ZdoMhm3L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgCatching God’s Thoughts:
Visioning with Elements of the I Ching
by Allen David Young, PhD

51tua1QzpDLI Ching Wisdom from the Soul
Allen David Young

41jFMTL5SjL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Vision and Change:
Elements of Intuition and the I Ching As Inner Teachers
Allen David Young

Contact: www.trinitiestoenneagrams.com