Featuring: Dr. Cie Allman-Scott

img_5364.jpgCie Allman-Scott is a “media psychologist” and international keynote speaker with more than 25 years of experience as an actress, TV host and narrator. She is the author of Decide Your Future, Write, Direct and Star in Your Life 2019.

Cie is the host of two upcoming TV programs, Celebrities with a Heart and Jetset PhD.

She is a seasoned television producer who has successfully transitioned from working in front of the camera to working both sides of the camera and is the host of two upcoming TV program, Celebrities with a Heart and Jet set PhD.

Cie she is also the writer of TV commercials, infomercials, and “how-to” daytime TV programs, music videos, and the thought-provoking “Dr. Cie Tips” for the body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Cie lives with her husband of over 15 years and her three Papillons therapy dogs.


Decide Your Future
Write, Direct, and Star in Your Life
Dr. Cie Allman-Scott
Foreward by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Contact: www.jetsetphd.com