Featuring: Dr. Harold N. Levinson

Dr. Harold Levinson Feeling Smarter and Smarter AUTHOR IMAGE 1Harold N. Levinson, M.D. is a world-renowned psychiatrist and neurologist. He is credited with bringing about a dramatic medical breakthrough in the understanding, diagnosis, and successful treatment of dyslexia and its many related signal-scrambling disturbances of the inner ear and cerebellum.

As a result of Dr. Levinson’s extensive research, there is now renewed hope and often rapid and dramatic help for all children and adults with the above-mentioned disorders, as well as those patients with related but differently named inner-ear/cerebellar syndromes. Dr. Levinson is the Author of Feeling Smarter and Smarter.

41yQ+e8mFEL._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgFeeling Smarter and Smarter:
Discovering the Inner-Ear Origins and Treatment
for Dyslexia/LD, ADD/ADHD, and Phobias/Anxiety
Harold N. Levinson, MD

Contact: www.dyslexiaonline.com