Featuring: Dr. Joe Martin

joe martinDr. Joe Martin grew up in one of the toughest areas in Miami. The neighborhood was so notorious that a popular violent video game was named after the city!

Despite growing up in such challenging circumstances, Joe was not only the first person in his family to graduate high school, but he went on to earn  undergraduate, master’s, and PhD degrees, and to work in the field of education.

He started a business at age 22, built a highly successful career, and was earning a 6-figure income by the age of 30.

Joe went from rags to riches… and then his life went from riches to ruin when his world crumbled around him after falling into destructive vices.

He hit rock bottom when he lost everything: his wife filed for divorce, his career was in shambles, and he almost lost his life.

Joe’s life took another turn, but for the better, when he met Howard – a man who actually lived his life the way Joe wanted to. Howard did not tell him how to be a Godly man, but he showed Joe how to become one. That’s when the fourth stage of his life began – the stage of redemption.

Today, Dr Joe Martin conducts an education and leadership organization for men to become better men, fathers and husbands.

51MAN9OwaWL._SX260_.jpgThe Real Man
Spiritual Leader Blueprint
21 Practical Ways To Love and Leads Your Family
by Dr. Joe Martin

51D7uzzoKgL.jpgTricks of the Grade
Street-Smart Strategies for Acing College
By Professor Joe Martin

Contact: Dr. Joe Martin, Founder of Real Men Connect at www.realmenconnect.com