Featuring: Greg Kotsaftis

Greg Kotsaftis is the author of The Truth About Lies: How Admitting Nothing Could Cost You Everything.  Gregg has been a career salesperson, entrepreneur, and business creator most of his life. He has owned and operated multiple businesses generating millions of dollars in revenue. Then, after losing everything, Greg transformed himself into a professional speaker, coach and criminal justice reform advocate – sharing his message of truth, resilience and overcoming shame.

Greg presents workshops and programs on creating a strong work environment through honesty and vulnerability. He empowers people to look at adversity and mistakes as an opportunity for positive change and growth, leading to increased productivity and a better quality of life.

Greg is also the host of the “Pitching the Truth” podcast and a writer and active contributor to multiple blogs, podcasts and webinars. He volunteers at Defy Ventures and Project Angel Heart and is a board member for Tech4Good.

the truth and lies by gregg kotsaftisThe Truth about Lies:
How Admitting Nothing Can Cost You Everything
by Greg Paul Kotsaftis

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