Featuring: Irv Arenberg, MD

0Dr. Irv Arenberg is a distinguished ear surgeon and Neurotologist. He is an innovator in his field of inner ear surgery for Meniere’s disease with several medical devices/instruments bearing his name.  He had 12 US -International patents issued and is an internationally recognized expert in Meniere’s and other related ear diseases.

Dr. Arenberg is a widely published expert in his field and has been awarded 3 international gold medals for his work. He is also the author of the newly released book Killing Vincent – the Man the Myth and the Murder –  a scientifically based “who done it” on the life and death of famed artist Vincent Van Gogh.

Dr. Arenberg became the focus of media attention regarding Van Gogh after an article he wrote was published in July of 1990, in the Journal of American Medical Association on the 100th anniversary of Van Gogh’s death. Many years later, in 2017, Dr. Arenberg saw the foreign-made film Loving Vincent and felt compelled to complete the story on his findings that he only had 3 pages to describe in the JAMA article. Doing countless hours of research and re-enactment, Dr Arenberg offers a science-based accounting that debunks the suicide myth surrounding Van Gogh’s death.

51fBxrPkpQL._SX348_BO1,204,203,200_Killing Vincent: The Man. The Myth. and The Murder.
by I. Kaufman Arenberg, MD.

Contact: KillingVincent.com