Featuring: Jen Waite

Author Jen Waite photo Credit: Evynne MorinJen Waite was an aspiring actress working in New York City when she met, married and had a daughter with “her best friend” and the love of her life. Jen had found her “fairy tale romance.” But, as with all fairy tales, the story was only make believe – because Jen’s “prince” turned out to have a deeply dysfunctional and destructive personality disorder that tore her world apart and turned everything she thought she knew about herself and love upside down.

Jen went through months and months of grief, despair, anger, shock, depression and then even more anger. She suffered long and deep – but out of the suffering came wisdom and insight as she was born again emotionally and spiritually from the experience. Jen can now say that “marrying and having a baby with my ex-husband was the best thing that ever happened to me because it opened me up to a truth that I never knew existed. The truth that I was always whole to begin with and that everything I ever needed was already within me.”

She wrote her book A Beautiful, Terrible Thing in the hope that her memoir, chronicling her painful dysfunctional relationship, can help others get to the other side of a similar painful relationship for them, as well.

A Beautiful, Terrible Thing by Jen Waite A Memoir of Marriage and BetrayalA Beautiful, Terrible Thing:
A Memoir of Marriage and Betrayal
by Jen Waite

Contact: jenwaite.com