Featuring: Jennifer Crisp

Jennifer Crisp is a Registered Nurse, and a certified Whole Health Educator™, with a specialty in Nutrition. She is the Founder of A Bridge To Wholeness. Her passion for health and wellness is the result of many years of suffering from migraines, fatigue, and chronic pain until she was in 2012 diagnosed with chronic Lyme in 2012.

Jennifer realized that she was crossing the bridge from a traditional, allopathic system of medicine into the world of a more integrative, holistic program to treat the Lyme disease, and after 2 years of working with a naturopath and seeing her conventional medical doctor when necessary, her chronic Lyme issue resolved.  

Her organization, A Bridge to Wholeness, invites healthcare providers to bridge the gap between traditional western medicine and holistic alternative health care for themselves as well as for their patient’s health.

Contact: ABridgeToWholeness.com