Featuring: Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan My guest today describes himself as a “regular guy” who, from an early age, grew up asking the question “Why are some people happy in spite of their circumstances while others are unhappy no matter how positive their circumstances?”

Jim Ryan, the author of Simple Happiness – 52 Easy Ways to Lighten Up, was raised in a large family with a positive, generous mother, who for 25 years volunteered at their local hospital and provided a loving example to Jim and his siblings on how to be grateful and kind to others. His father, however, while being a good provider and a hardworking man, unfortunately drank to excess and was not the positive emotional role model that his mother was for the family. The two contrasts informed Jim of how very differently people can approach life.

Jim grew up with the expectation of proving himself to be “successful”, wanting to please his father and earn his father’s “approval”. It wasn’t until after 14 years of being a school teacher and then 25 years of working in the financial field, that Jim found his way to the life he currently lives and loves. He says he is doing the work he feels he was called to do in the world! He wrote his book to share with all of us how we can makes small changes to realize large rewards!

41tXyA58SaL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgSimple Happiness:
52 Easy Ways to Lighten Up
by Jim Ryan

Contact: www.jimryantalks.com