Featuring: Mama Donna Henes

MamaHenes,urbanshamanicon1.pngMy guest today is a unique woman, who early in her life – after assisting a shooting victim – was told by the victim’ s mother: “You’re just everyone’s Mama Donna.” She has been known ever since as Mama Donna Henes. Donna is an artist, author, writer, teacher, minister, and support group facilitator who refers to herself as “an urban shaman”.

Donna has trained in and studied broad cultural diversities. Her mission and purpose is to provide and facilitate people’s empowerment through ritual, blessings and making connections with others. She has written several books on related subjects, most recently publishing Bless This House a wonderful guide and compendium on creating sacred space where you work, live and travel.

She creates art installations all over the country and has held public celebrations and rituals on the equinox and the solstices.

bless this house
Bless This House:
Creating Sacred Space Where You Live, Work & Travel
Mama Donna Henes

The Queen of My Self
by Donna Henes

moon watchers companion
Moon Watcher’s Companion
By Donna Henes

2. celestially auspicious occasionsCelestially Auspicious
Seasons, Cycles & Celebrations
By Donna Henes

2 dressing our wounds.jpgDressing Our Wounds In Warm Clothes
by Donna Henes

Contact: www.donnahenes.net