Featuring: Paula Shaw

mg-6693-edit-edit_2Today my guest is Paula Shaw, a Life’s Transition Therapist and Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, who has worked for more than 25 years helping individuals go through major life transitions – as well as helping those seeking relief from loss, grief or self-destructive addictions.

Paula believes that change and transitions are one of the hardest and most painful life events to navigate. While working as a set location coordinator in Hollywood, her husband’s alcoholism served as a catalyst for her to delve into the many areas of addiction. Previously an elementary teacher, after taking postgraduate studies, Paula began the work she is dedicated to today – which is meeting others from a place of service and love, to facilitate their navigation through some of life’s most challenging moments.

Paula is also the Host of the San Diego KCBQ am 1170 Radio program “Change it Up”!

8311085Grief: When Will This Pain Ever End?
by Paula Shaw

7414466_origChakras, The Magnificent Seven:
Pathways to Higher Energy, Happiness and Health
by Paula Shaw CADC, DCEP

Contact: paulashaw.com