Featuring: Sameera Sullivan

sameera-sullivan-200x300My guest today has been playing cupid for her friends and her relatives since she was an adolescent in junior high school! Phone calls at 2 am from friends desperate for her relationship advice has been a common occurrence throughout her life. As a result of her many successes, she has parlayed her matchmaking ability, her keen intuition and years of work experience in head hunting and recruiting, to open her own boutique, offering the best matchmaking services for those looking for their ideal life partners.

Sameera Sullivan founded Lasting Connections over 5 years ago. Her vision was to create a service that, instead of tirelessly sifting through existing databases or waiting for “the right one” to come along, would develop new protocols to proactively find perfect matches for clients. Sameera also created an innovative program catered to the needs of women, which are different than those of men. She and her team launched a virtual matchmaking and coaching program that has proven to be extremely successful in helping women find a partner at any age!

Her Lasting Connections “love boutique” offers a Singles Registry, Image Consulting, and Luxury Retreats where women can learn the techniques to revamp their love lives in exotic locations. Lasting Connections has something for everyone who walks through the door ready to open their hearts and minds to finding lasting love.

Sameera Sullivan holds two master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology and in Education Administration. Her expertise has been featured in national media outlets including Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, PaperCity Magazine, Fox News, Allure, Bustle, and more.

Contact: www.lastingconnections.net