Featuring: Wenjie Cai

Wenjie-CaiDr. Wenjie Cai completed his Ph.D. degree in Tourism at the University of Surrey and currently lecturers at the University of Greenwich in London, where he speaks on Tourism and Hospitality.

Before joining Greenwich, Wen had various working experiences both in industry and academia, with the world’s leading tourism operator, TUI and at the University of East London.

Before coming to the UK, he was president of the student union at the Fujian Normal University, in China, and was in charge of various projects in relationship to human resource management, strategic planning, and event management.

He recently completed a study on the effects of cell phone and social media use
on young adults and what happens when the phones and social media are not available.
Wen’s area of expertise and research interests are intercultural communication, mobilities studies, tourism, backpacker tourism, and Chinese outbound tourism. He has a strong interest in interdisciplinary collaborations – and is currently collaborating on research projects with academics from the UK, New Zealand, Finland and China in the disciplines of sociology and information systems. Wen has published articles in top journals in his field.

Contact: Linkedin.com/in/wenjie-cai