Gratitude Is Healing

Georgianna Donadio, MSc, DC, PhD- What a wonderful gift Thanksgiving, a day for giving and expressing thanks, is for all of us. Anyone and everyone can participate in this day of gathering family and friends to share food and well wishes, taking time to reflect on the things we have been blessed with and are … More Gratitude Is Healing

Why Detox Your Environment?

We are bombarded every day with hundreds of chemical toxins in our environment. Plastic particles, heavy metals, pesticides, cleaning toxins, air pollution and hundreds of other chemicals find their way into our lungs, blood stream, immune system and body systems. Here are 10 easy tips from the National Institute of Whole Health, to improve your health by helping to detox your environment and purify your body, preventing illness and even early aging. … More Why Detox Your Environment?

What’s The Secret To Real Happiness?

If you ask most people what they want in their lives and what is most important, they will likely tell you that they “want to be happy.” The desire for happiness is a universal want. It transcends culture, geography, age, and social status. The topic of happiness even finds its way into the academia, an example of its pervasiveness. Is it possible that we are overcomplicating the issue? Maybe happiness is easier than you think. … More What’s The Secret To Real Happiness?

Secrets About Our Wonderous Immune System

One of the fun things about teaching this course for the past 30 years is watching the reactions of learners as they “get” what their immune system really is – that great
“ah-ha!” moment when the dots get connected and it all makes sense. This is when we start to have a different relationship with our body and a new respect for how awesome, amazing, and comprehensive the immune system is! … More Secrets About Our Wonderous Immune System

NIWH Whole Health Educators™ Empowering Better Health

These specialized health educators, Whole Health Educators ™, are uniquely trained to maintain a respectful presence and mindful listening skills as well as evidence-based, integrated health sciences to demystify for their clients the five major factors of health that influence how well we are or how sick we become. … More NIWH Whole Health Educators™ Empowering Better Health