Gratitude Is Healing

thanksgiving-g6ba3ec742_640Georgianna Donadio, MSc, DC, PhD- What a wonderful gift Thanksgiving, a day for giving and expressing thanks, is for all of us. Anyone and everyone can participate in this day of gathering family and friends to share food and well wishes, taking time to reflect on the things we have been blessed with and are thankful for. This giving thanks is healing.

Giving Thanks Alleviates Suffering?

Giving thanks is a healing and healthy act that many of us have sadly reserved for this one special time of the year. Ignatius, the renowned scholar and saint, offers us a powerful insight into the nature of why we suffer – and as it happens, it relates to giving thanks. Ignatius said that “all suffering starts with ingratitude.” When we lose our appreciation for all that we have and the many blessings each of our lives is bestowed with, we begin to seek, want and covet what others have been blessed with.

We put our own gifts aside, much like children do when they see their friend’s or sibling’s shiny new toy. This gratitude opens the heart and removes “stress” that comes from fear of not having:

– Everything that we want

– Everything that we think we need

– What we see others have

– What we think is due us

– What we believe will make us happy

– What we believe will make us important or loved

Giving thanks for what we have, rather than wanting and longing for things we do not have, is a simple act of love that fills us with the humble pleasure of realizing how the universe cares for us – and is taking care of us. And taking care of your whole self is an essential component of good health.

Reflecting On Good Things

Even when things are difficult and we are suffering, when we take the time to reflect on all the good things we also have in our lives, we suffer less, worry less and feel happier. This can stimulate real, holistic healing—the cornerstone of whole health education. The spirit is healed when we release the resentments we carry.

Giving Thanks Is Healing

The body is healed when stress is reduced, stress that puts strain on the heart. We know that the physical and the emotional are closely connected. That’s why this application of gratitude is so essential. Perhaps Ignatius is on to something very holistic when he encourages us to remember the biblical wisdom found in I Thessalonians 5: 18 that recommends to us – “in all things give thanks.” For in this we will find our hearts full and our fears dissolved.

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday Season.


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One thought on “Gratitude Is Healing

  1. Thank you for sharing this reminder on the importance of gratitude and how it helps us elevate through healing.


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