Featuring: Ann Johnson

Ann JohnsonHow often have we heard that a parent’s worst nightmare is the loss of a child? For those who live with the nightmare of losing a child, there is an enormous hole in the lives of these parents that remains forever. My guest today, Ann Johnson, lost her 6 month old daughter, Maya, after she became gravely ill from bacterial meningitis. Ann’s devastating loss was shared by her husband and her 5 year old son, Miles.

What can be said in light of such loss? What can be done? No words, kind gestures, donations or offerings can give these parents the comfort they want most: having their child returned to them. When life “returns to normal” for the relatives, friends and associates surrounding the child’s parents, the parent’s lives “never return to normal” – their child is still gone, their grief continues and their lives will be never be the same again.

Sometimes forgotten during this unthinkable time are the siblings of the child who is gone. Their grief, their trauma and often their fear which surrounds the loss of a sibling also needs to be addressed.

Our guest today is a remarkable woman, who, while struggling with her loss found the strength and courage to make the needs of her son of utmost importance. She has written a book and started a foundation for her son Miles and for other children who have experienced such loss, to assist in their grief process and to help them understanding how important it is for them to speak about, remember and grieve their lost sibling.

Ann Johnson Interview on Living Above The Drama

Beautiful Baby Butterfly
by Ann C. Johnson

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