Featuring: Christine Alexandria

Christine AlexandriaAngels are and have historically been part of the major world religions and cultures. They are found in ancient art and writings in Persia, Egypt, Sumeria and Babylonia. They are celebrated in Christian, Jewish, Islam and Sikh traditions. They are represented in Buddhism as Kwan Yin in Chinese and Chenrezig in Tibetan, widely viewed as a sort of the Buddhist angel, Hinduism has Devas and these entities can inspire or bring down hopes, dreams and wishes AND can help or hinder people’s spiritual journey. In Islam belief in angels is one of the six pillars of the Islam and many other ancient and modern religions embrace these heavenly helpers and are integrated into the teachings and beliefs of their congregants.

In the US in the past 30 years many TV shows, movies and books like Touched by an Angel, It’s a Miracle and Angels Among Us, the many books of Doreen Virtue and Kevin Basconi about Angels, have grown in popularity…angels are everything and it appears that Angels ARE truly are in our midst!!

Our guest today says that “Angels are the celebrated and unsung heroes of all things good in the world”. They have been part of her life from her earliest memories and today she is an angel author and teacher and expert. Her experiences with angels have led her to write books and offer classes workshops in how you can get in touch with and work with your angels.

Christine Alexandria is the author of the popular book Angel Chatter, as well as the 2013 Mom’s Choice Book Award winner, for her book Have You Ever Wondered About Angels? Christine I am SO excited to have you on the show today and can’t wait for you to share all of your experience and information about our wonderful “winged” guardians!!!!


Angel Chatter
by Christine Alexandria

51Shh2f7ObL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgHave You Ever Wondered About Angels?
by Christine Alexandria

Contact: www.angelchatter.com

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