Featuring: Deena Solomon

deena-solomon-author.jpgDr Denna Solomon is a licensed clinical psychotherapist who has worked in the field of weight loss and weight management for more than three decades and has developed a scientifically validated method for helping disheartened dieters attain and maintain their weight reduction goals.

At the age of 4 years old, she received a message from her father,  ”Deena you are too heavy for my lap”…as he was pushing her away. What she felt and experienced from that event was “my body is bad – it hurt my daddy.”

Popular wisdom is that children are resilient, but children’s minds and hearts are fragile, most acutely up to the age of 8 years old when unconscious minds are imprinted and “set” with the survival adaptation responses we then work off of as we develop into adults.

For decades after Deena’s experience with her father, the imprint of that event set off a chain reaction of behaviors that were attempts to deal with and diminish the earlier traumatic feelings. A history of eating disorder, medications, poor self-esteem and weight gain brought Deena to the office of a cognitive behavioral therapist who she states “saved her life”. Her work with the therapist put her on a path of purpose and passion to assist others with similar eating and body weight issues.


Immaculate Consumption:
The Path to Lifelong Weight Management
by Deena Solomon

Contact: www.drdeenasolomon.com

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