Featuring: Dr. Mark McLaughlin

Dr Mark McLaughlinWe have all heard and probably have said to someone “Well you may be really smart but you’re no brain surgeon”. Brain surgeons hold the highest status in medicine because of the skills, education and courage required to do the awe inspiring work of manually opening and repairing a human brain.

Yet, all things are relative – My guest today has a wife of 25 years who says to him when it comes to everyday tasks – “You may be a brain surgeon but you’re no rocket scientist”!  Dr. Mark Mclaughlin is a neuroscientist, brain surgeon, father of 4 children and a youth wrestling coach. He shares that while he operates everyday on the human brain, as a young coach, every day he operates on the mind of his young athletes.

These two dynamics of surgery and coaching are inseparable for Dr. Mark. He has trained his mind to deal with stress and make big decisions with limited time, just as he now trains his young athletes to do.

Dr. Mclaughlin’s upcoming book, Out Thinking Fear – a Neurosurgeon’s Secrets to Making Life’s Tough Decisions (Scribner), shares the step by step details of how he has learned to successfully engage with stress and find deeper meaning in life. He uses this approach in his medical practice, his coaching and in all aspects of his life.

Contact: www.markmclaughlinmd.com

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