Featuring: James Sexton

james resize.jpgSteve Harvey,  one of America’s favorite TV relationship gurus, had today’s guest on his popular television show – and Steve was so impressed with the book his guest has written – he saw that every member of the audience received a copy of it!

Attorney James Sexton is a New York City attorney specializing in marital, relational and family law who has written the book If You’re In My Office, It’s Already Too Late. He knows up close and personal the pain and trauma of divorce and the dissolution of the hopes and dreams we all enter marriage with. His book is an honest and assertive read on how to prevent yourself from winding up in an attorney’s office.

James has been described by former clients as a “courtroom gunslinger” and “the sociopath you want on your side.” He tells the unvarnished truth about relationships and dives deep into the most common marital problems which he credits to poor ―or nonexistent―communication. Even when the alleged reason for separation is infidelity, James states that there was usually a communication problem that predates the infidelity. He also says that symptoms and root causes get confused all the time.

James has spent his career working with spouses whose marriages haven’t worked. He believes reverse-engineering a relationship can help to identify and fix what does not work. If you are holding back criticism of your spouse because you can’t have that fight right now – James says “Hit the Send Button- Now.”

Although he deals constantly with the heartbreak of others, he still believes in romance and the transformative power of love. His book is his opportunity to use what he has learned to help couples that aren’t so far gone, get back on track and save their relationship.


If You’re In My Office, It’s Already Too Late:
A Divorce Lawyer’s Guide To Staying Together
by James Sexton

Contact: www.nycdivorces.com

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