Featuring: Jim Curtis

Disrupter_Jim_Curtis_NEWJim Curtis is an author and educator who had, until his 20th year on the planet, what could only be called an “enviable life”. He comes from a loving family, has been blessed with exceptional good looks, in high school and college he was a star athlete and captain of his team AND had many friends and was much sort after. His life was on a fast track to have even greater success and achievements in the future.

Then, one morning out of nowhere, he got out of bed, and began to experience what from that point on became a set of mysterious symptoms which engulfed his life. Jim and his family’s world became focused on trying to find the cause of his symptoms and his progressive physical disability.

He was examined by world renowned hospitals and institutions, traveling all around the country. His family took him to Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and the Cleveland Clinic. These were some of the world class facilities they sought answers from. But none came. For years there was no explanation for his crippling symptoms, no diagnosis – no disease or condition that could be fixed or cured.

A young man with his whole life ahead of him, over the past 20 years he has had to come to terms with what life laid in his lap. He has grown out of his hopelessness, shame and frustration to serve as an example and teacher for what we all can do to overcome pain, setbacks and trauma and in their place what can be done to ignite health and happiness for ourselves and others.

Jim Curtis the bestselling author of The Stimulati Experience, he is President and Chief Strategist of Remedy Health Media, which provides digital, integral health advice to millions each year. He was a leader in the development of Web MD, is the recipient of multiple national awards, including PharmaVoice’s Top 100 Most Inspirational People in Health, for 3 years in a row.

Jim says his journey has and continues to be one of transformation and that suffering is an opportunity for enlightenment and personal growth.


The Stimulati Experience
by Jim Curtis

Contact: jimcurtis.us

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