Featuring: Joe Cetrone

Joe CetroneJoe Cetrone is a paranormal researcher, talk show host and author. He has embarked on a lifelong journey exploring the unknown, uncovering hidden truths, in pursuit of that most sought-after question – Is There Life After Death?

A frightening ghostly encounter at the impressionable age of 5 years old set Joe on a quest for the truth; one that would alter and inform his life’s path. His passion to investigate the unseen realm accelerated, following a bizarre conversation with his father, only 2 days prior to his death.

Joe trained with Keith Johnson of the SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters, where he learned the science of the paranormal realm. He has appeared on and been a consultant for numerous television and radio programs about paranormal phenomena. He is a popular speaker, teacher, and has written several books on the subject.

joe cetreone mystic wingsMystic Wings
by Joe Cetrone

the sallie house joe cetroneThe Sallie House
by Joe Cetrone

seduced joe cetroneSeduced
by Joe Cetrone

Contact: www.joecetrone.net

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