Featuring: Nomi Bachar

51N4icMtvmL._UX250_My guest today is Nomi Bachar, a remarkable, gifted and visionary human potential expert. When I first interviewed Nomi I was so impressed with her answer to my question – “are you happy with your work?” She replied – “I’m doing what I should be doing in this life…I healed myself to the utmost and actualized my potential and I’m still actualizing….so what’s not to be happy?”

Nomi has healed herself from years of trauma caused during the 1948 Isreali war – a war which crippled her father both physically and mentally and wreaked havoc on her family. Her passion and drive to overcome the suffering led her to excel in ways no one, not even herself expected.

An accomplished actress and dancer, she went on to study primal therapy, Gestalt therapy, bioenergetics and psychodrama then used these tools to create a powerful self-actualization method called Gates of Power. The method supports the well-being of 7 aspects of a person’s life so they may experience their true whole self.

Nomi is the founder of White Cedar Institute for Expanded Living in New York City and an author of two books, her latest entitled Let the Heart Speak. Nomi has been coaching, leading workshops, and speaking for over 25 years. She’s been globally interviewed on dozens of radio talk shows such as CBS radio, Voice of America and iTunes.

41mXyqFSZJL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Let The Heart Speak
Reflections By Nomi Bachar


Gates Of Power:
Actualize Your True Self

By Nomi Bachar

Contact: www.gatesofpower.com

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