Featuring: Patrick Dust

Patrick DustMy Guest today is Patrick Dust, a Professor of Humanities in Spanish Literature and Philosophy. After what he considered a reasonably happy early childhood, which included two older brothers, at the age of 8 years old he experienced an episode of extreme domestic violence at the hands of his alcoholic father. This trauma would later in his life be identified as the root cause of a disabling mature onset fibromyalgia and posttraumatic eating disorder.

At 28 years old, after completing his PhD, and married with children, a difficult period in his life occurred when his wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She died seven years later and Patrick states that his wife’s death was an “indiscernible horror and terror” as she suffocated because of her brain tumor. Her death was followed by the passing of his father-in-law who he was close to and the near death of a colleague during a recreational basketball game.

Then, an accident occurred that left him unable to walk for several years. He was then diagnosed with disabling Fibromyalgia, and went on for many years to struggle with the post- trauma fibromyalgia and a concurrent eating disorder. Patrick wrote his memoir, Finished Business, to share with others the healing wisdom and the process he experienced that led him back to health and happiness today.


Finished Business:
A Neuropsychoanalytic Account of Recovery from Complex Trauma, Fibromyalgia, and an Eating Disorder
by Patrick Dust

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