Featuring: Sally Boyle

Sally BoyleSally Boyle – an innovative and visionary Certified Divorce Financial analyst. Sally bring compassionate and pragmatic skills to her clients to assist them during a deeply stressful time in their lives, in navigating the turbulent and painful process of divorce.

Sally was led to this work in the hope she could facilitate a couple’s ability to spare themselves, their children and families as much trauma as possible, as they process the death of their married lives – lives that held hopes and dreams for that “safe harbor” we all seek in marriage. Sally herself is a divorced mom. Her 28 year old son, who went through the pain of his parent’s divorce, said “Mom when you write a book about something more pleasant I’ll read it.” But, he also wanted her to know how much he admires her being able to facilitate the transformation from heartbreak to healing for her many clients”


Deconstructing Divorce:
Taking the Mystery out of Divorce and Its Impact on
Your Family, Finances, and Future

by Sally Boyle

Contact: www.sjboylewealthplanning.com

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