Featuring: Sherry Gaba

sherry_gabaMy guest today provides us with another inspirational story. Sherry Gaba was born 3 months premature, 59 years ago today – today is her birthday! At that time the protocol for premiee babies was “hands off” and many of these babies died for the lack of touch and from being isolated in incubators. Her introduction into the world was parallel to a near death experience complete with deep unconscious trauma that she carried for decades.

Sherry believes what saved her life was her father’s presence outside the hospital nursery window, speaking to her and sending her love. She never experienced the early secure attachments we all need for healthy bonding and relationships. As a result her love life was a series of unsuccessful relationships and four failed marriages.

Sherry is a license social worker and therapist as well as the author of Marriage and Relationship Junkie – Kicking your Obsession. Sherry says of her book:

“If one person reads this book and realizes they are worthy and are lovable the way they are then, writing the book was worth it. If it changes the trajectory of one person’s life, it was worth it. If a reader can believe there is someone out there that will treat them with the respect, caring and love they deserve it was worth it.”

513P9DThMRL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Marriage Junkie:
Kicking Your Obsession

by Sherry Gaba

518dme2ffDL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_The Law of Sobriety:
Attracting Positive Energy for a Powerful Recovery
by Sherry Gaba

Contact: sherrygaba.com

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