Acting Courageously To Inspire Others Now

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It is my pleasure to offer a Guest Post by Mr. Michael Harris, author of “Falling Down and Getting Up.” Check out Michael’s organization, The Getting Up Project:

ACTION – Acting Courageously To Inspire Others Now

This acronym seems to say it all. There can be such tremendous joy when a personal action can help others feel inspired. This is one of the most valuable skills. It could be inspiring your children to enjoy school and create a wonderful life. Perhaps it is speaking on the stage and inspiring the audience to fully live life. There is also another way to describe the action with greater intensity

“To exert a force with sufficient conviction and bravery to arouse greater efforts in another person at the present moment.”

What would happen to your life (and others) if you created ongoing action? If you are in a place where you are stuck, it just might move you in a way to get unstuck – especially if you are sitting on the couch too much! Maybe today is not a day you are taking action or doing something that can inspire others. Perhaps next time someone asks “how are you?” Instead of the standard “ok”, you say “I am grateful for today.” When you do that you may find the other person smiling – and inspired.

It can become a positive habit and a self-healing experience to ask yourself each day how are you “Acting Courageously To Inspire Others Now?”

Michael Harris is a popular yoga teacher, successful businessman, and business coach. He is the author of a soon to be published book, “Falling Down, Getting Up”, and inspiring journey of his personal process and ultimate success with standing back up again after falling down from health and personal struggles that forced him to develop skills and great wisdom on the subject of “falling down and getting up” again. He is the founder of The Getting UP Project, a growing movement that offers ideas and inspiration to live life with greater action and abundance. To find out more, visit

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