Tony Selimi – Celebrity Mentor from the UK

downloadIt can be said that my guest today has experienced a beautiful, terrible life. Born in a communist country, he experienced and witnessed political and social repression, inequity and abuse. He took part in a civil war before he was miraculously and unexpectedly sent to England. The story of his path from homelessness, living for 6 months on the streets of London, to educating himself and building a 20-year career in business and technology leadership, reads like a bestselling novel.

In fact his book, the international bestselling and multi award winning, A Path to Wisdom shares his life experiences and the science-based technology he developed to assist business leaders and private individuals to identify and live their best lives.

Tony Jeton Selimi is an international business consultant, educator, coach and mentor. He has appeared on and presented across a broad spectrum of media outlets, including national conferences, TV and radio appearances. Tony possesses a passionate desire to resolve meaningful problems for humanity, so we may all live healthy, happy lives and maximize our human potential.

The Virus Of The Modern Age
Tony Jeton Selimi


A Path To Wisdom:
How To Live A Balanced, Healthy and Peaceful Life
Tony Jeton Selimi

Leadership #3


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